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I built an entire event handling site because I’m convinced ‘events’ are the only reason a lot of people stay on Facebook.

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The login page is pretty straight forward

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The new account panel is pretty simple too, The most interesting part being the ‘favorite color’ picker. This allows you to personalize the site, adding highlights of your color it is also used in various public-facing places associated with that user as well. It’s, in a way, an avatar – but you can upload a profile picture later on as well.

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The first page you see is where you find all the events that you and your groups were invited to.

Events are arranged chronologically followed by a list of public events at the bottom. Eventually there would be a way to filter public events by region or even neighborhood.

The left sidebar allows you to filter the events list by group – so if the ‘Digital Turf’ group was invited as a whole to an event, you could find it quickly and easily.


Events expand when clicked to look similar to tumblr posts.

In this gif you can see how all the menus pop out from the side, this is designed to be mobile-first, but it looks great on desktop too. As the ‘add event’ panel pops out, everything else is covered with a color overlay. That color is determined in the user settings where they pick their ‘favorite color’.

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On a profile page (accessible by clicking anyone’s name, usually found in an ‘attendee’ list) you can see a profile picture, name, number of groups and events the user is part of, and you can join some of their groups.. if the group isn’t set to private. Also, the blue background behind my profile picture is determined by my ‘favorite color’ choice.

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