When the Top-Level domain ‘.cool’ came out, I knew I had to buy an interesting name to go with it. Luckily I got the simple and short “isnt.cool”. I tossed around the idea of making a rant blog where every blog post would be accessible via subdomain like “procrastinating.isnt.cool”. When it came down to it I didn’t want to have to be so negative all the time in order to write blog posts.

Also there’s the angle of social market research. Instead of polling people to see what they think is cool, why not let them report what they think isnt cool. I set this up so anyone might type into their address bar, probably just goofing around, http://facebook.isnt.cool  or possibly their friend http://monica.isnt.cool  or anything! You could get serious and political with it http://rape.isnt.cool or as silly as you want.


I figure in social media situations, like on facebook where you have no control over your font-size or style.. you could use it to really drive your point home. It’s almost like using a hashtag to emphasize an idea.

You can see the whole list of things people have typed into their address bar here. The number following the subject is the combined total of times it’s either been entered manually into an address bar, or a shared link had been clicked on.



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This page contains some really rather lewd content,
very graphic in nature... and probably very gay.
I'm talking Rated X stuff here. For real.



OK, Let me see the dirty stuff.

Nevermind, I realized looking at this will change my opinion of you forever, and we're already in the friend zone, you know? I'm sure its very creative and amazing and celebrated among a niche market, but I'd rather just pretend you're asexual. Really, it's just too weird.